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To start, you need to have more than 20 pounds to lose. 

  • With Medically Managed Weight loss your average weight loss per week can be 3 to 5 lbs.
  • The meal replacements (New Direction) are your nutrition source during weight loss so you don't have to think about what you are supposed to eat.  This allows you to deal with the emotional issues that have contributed to your weight gain.

  • You are monitored monthly by Dr. Croy and weekly by medical professionals who provide support and counseling.  Additionally, we help you re learn what good nutrition and regular exercise can be.  All included in the monthly monitoring fee.

  • It's appropriate for type 2 diabetes and obesity because we are monitoring you so closely
  • And the proven success rate for this type of program is very high due to the long term maintenance  as well as the nutritional and behavioral retraining.

All weight loss participants receive a free consultation with our exercise consultant.

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What about the cost?

After the initial screening exam and necessary labs, monthly participation in the program is $150 during the weight loss phase, which includes required weekly check ins, and one on one coaching.  After you have lost the weight you need to lose, monthly monitoring is $40 per month for 6 months, after that, it's free!  The monitoring after the weight loss is one of the keys to success with this program, so it is very important.

All meal replacements are $4 each.

Remember: No grocery foods are needed during the reducing phase so most people find that this is actually cheaper than their monthly grocery bill!

How does medically managed weight loss differ from other weight loss programs?

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