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How do I know if New Direction weight loss is right for me?

  • Have you tried other weight loss programs and failed?  New Direction has the highest success rate of any national program.  And it’s NOT SURGERY!
  • Do you have 20 pounds (or more) to lose?
  • Do you eat when you are stressed, or lonely or experiencing strong emotions? This program has weekly coaching and helps you learn how to control your emotional eating.

This program teaches you how to keep the weight off by helping you figure out why your past choices have failed you so you can succeed this time.

What’s the difference between New Direction and other high protein/low carb “diets” like Atkins or Protein Power?

New Direction meal replacements contain all of the nutrients (vitamins and minerals), protein, and carbs you need for a day.  Other programs don’t make sure you are getting everything your body needs to stay healthy while you are losing weight.

 Medical monitoring is essential while on the New Direction to ensure that you remain in good health as you lose weight. Also, by checking your physical responses to the diet, the staff can determine whether you need more New Direction servings or an electrolyte or mineral supplement. Monitoring consists of a number of tests and examinations that are performed regularly. Every week, your weight and blood pressure will be measured. Your blood will be drawn at regular intervals to measure levels of minerals, cholesterol, triglycerides and other medical indicators. Occasionally, an electrocardiogram will be performed to check your heart. Although these tests and examinations are intended mainly as safety measures, they also have motivational value. For example, if you have hypertension you may see your blood pressure drop as you lose weight and become more fit. You may also see improvements in your blood glucose and cholesterol levels. These positive changes provide incentives to stick with the weight loss.

 AND the most effective component is the weekly counseling.  You have to check in EVERY week.  One of the reasons people gain weight in the first place is because they hide what they were eating and how much they actually weigh.  Being accountable to your coach is a major component.  You can't get that accountability by buying a “program” at the grocery store. This is a complete physical and mental program structured to help people learn how to eat right, create healthy habits, create exercise routines and to overcome what has always stopped them from losing weight in the past.

 While “tools” such as meal replacements, have been shown to be helpful in weight management, they are likely to be ineffective as a “single solution” without additional education and training. During the phase of meal replacement use, our staff’s focus is on helping an individual become more aware of the emotional, psychological and environmental reasons for overeating. Participants also discover skills, behaviors, attitudes and resources, which will support new lifestyle changes for balanced, healthy eating and living. A long-term weight management plan will include whole grains, fruits, vegetables, low-fat protein sources and regular exercise, in addition to the use of meal replacement products IF helpful specific to an individual’s needs.

 For best results, you need to commit to all four phases of the New Direction VLCD. Think of the program as one long stretch of highway where the road conditions and driving rules change along the way, but the road keeps on going.

 There’s a definite starting point, but an ambiguous “finish line” because weight management is a life-long process.

A word about meal replacements—

Please consider that the cost of meal replacements is a “transferred” cost which replaces grocery purchases plus restaurant dining. In most cases, people will spend less on the VLCD program compared to normal weekly grocery and restaurant purchases! Also important to consider is the “saved” cost of insulin and/or other medications which may be reduced or discontinued secondary to the rapid rate of weight loss associated with this particular approach.