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What is Family Health Center Direct and why are you offering it?

Family Health Center Direct is a Direct Primary Care practice.  We are putting the patient and the physician back into control of healthcare, keeping insurance companies and Medicare out of the middle dictating what care you receive.  Insurance is for the big things.

Family Health Center Direct Membership allows us to:
Spend more time with you
Provide care when you need it – appointments at your convenience, even outside normal business hours
Communicate with you directly using text, email, video and phone services
Help you control your out of pocket expenses for exams, routine labs, and other services
Take care of minor health issues before they become major issues

Also, since most people have higher insurance deductibles and have to pay for more of their care out of pocket, membership in Family Health Center Direct gives you the ability to control costs for primary care services. Usually saving you money on an annual basis.

Family Health Center Direct allows you and I to handle the “routine maintenance” and monitoring, leaving the insurance companies to do what they do best—take care of the catastrophes.

What does the Adult membership fee cover?
1 annual physical per person plus certain routine labs, one flu shot and one other office visit per year.
Unlimited email/text/phone/video communication with your provider, 24/7.
Reduced office visits as some routine or simple issues can be safely handled by email, phone or telecommunication.
Reduced ER or Urgent care visits because you can contact your provider for advice/possibly even treatment, often preventing the trip.
Additional office visits are only $10/visit.
20% Discount on injections, immunizations, labs, and minor surgical procedures such as stitches or removing moles.

How much is the adult membership fee?
$60/month per adult.  Or $648 annually.

How much is the child membership fee?
$30/month per child.  Ages 5 to 17.  Or $324 annually.

What does the Child membership fee cover?
2 visits per year
unlimited email/text/phone/video visits with your provider 24/7
flu shot
additional visits are $10

What does the Young Adult/College Student membership fee cover?
1 visit per year
unlimited email/text/phone video visit with your provider 24/7 no matter your location

How much is the Young Adult/College Student membership fee?
$25/month per person, ages 18 to 25. Or $324 annually.

How do I pay the membership fees?
We can do direct transfers from your bank account, charge it to a credit card or through www.paypal.com

Can I get a discount on my fees if I don’t see my provider much?
No, the cost of providing 24/7 access is significant.  However, you will likely save money even if you only save yourself one urgent care visit a year.

What if I want to cancel my membership?  
You may cancel at any time.  

Do you have a refund policy?
Yes.  No partial month refunds will be given. If your membership is terminated and you have paid annually, we will retain the monthly payment at our non-discounted fee for the months of participation and refund the remainder to you.  No refund will be made for months prior to termination, unused services, or services previously received.

Can Family Health Center Direct cancel my subscription?
Yes, at our discretion we may cancel your membership with 30 days’ notice.  This is usually for non-payment, although we may cancel for any reason, just like you.  If you paid annually, you may be entitled to a refund per our refund policy.

Is there a limit to how many patients can join your practice?
Yes, I will not take over 350 patients on this membership plan.

Do you actually give members your cell phone number?
Yes, you will be given a special phone number for you to call Dr. Croy directly

How quickly can my provider see me?
As soon as reasonably possible based on your problem.  Yes, this includes weekends as needed.

What if I need urgent care or the ER?
If you are dealing with a life-threatening situation, call 911 and go directly to the ER. But you should call us first if it is something we usually treat.

Will you see me in the hospital?
No. There are physicians employed by the local hospitals to take care of you.  

What if I need to see a specialist?
This program is not an insurance plan.  It does not provide payment for healthcare services outside of our office and does not include any providers outside Family Health Center Direct.  If specialist services are needed, you will make arrangements with that provider per the terms of your insurance and that provider’s policies.  It is recommended our patients maintain insurance coverage.

If I become seriously ill, will my monthly fee increase?
No.  But with this model we should be able to spend the time with you that is required to help you through the illness. Or preferably keep you healthier in the first place.

Who will take care of me when you are on vacation?
When Dr. Croy is out of town, she will arrange for someone to see you if needed.

When can I join the practice?
Right now!  All forms are on our website, here or here or email, call or stop by to fill out the membership forms and get started.